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Apparently there is an entire country between Boston and San Francisco.

washington slept here

by Natalia

Washington slept here
Or somewhere quite near
We don't know for sure

Lafayette spoke in French
To the crowd on a bench
When he came on a tour

Jefferson took a piss
Opportunity not missed
To build a cabin too small

Every site to be marked
With a historic placard
For enlightenment of all

There are at least 150 George Washington slept here markers.

Thomas Jefferson purchased 157 acres surrounding the Natural Bridge and built a two room cabin there.

Marquis de Lafayette stayed in Owens-Thomas House when on speaking tour and spoke from veranda to the public gathered below. This event landed the house status of a National Historic Landmark.

2 for non

We are merely driving through South Carolina this time. No time for more than just a cursory glance. We probably should stay longer. This is not your average state. None really is. It’s late, so we opt for a meal in a chain restaurant. As chain restaurants go, this particular one is lower upper shelf. The nice thing about chains is they are familiar. Nothing really changes anywhere. Or so we thought. The greeting lady welcomes us asking ‘two for non?’. Huh?


Planters Inn - quite a contrast to our usual digs (Days Inn, Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn - anything that is cheap and on the highway). Here they serve wine and cheese in the afternoon, piano plays, time flows slower, and one feels content. Especially after retirees in shorts (there should be an age limit for that) drink their wine and - well - retire to their rooms after pestering the staff for a photo. It’s a place to don those designer clothes or, back to reality, whatever we managed to get out of the truck before it was valet-parked, and let the concierge make a reservation in an elegant restaurant next door: The Olde Pink House.